Our Team

Our teaching team consists of qualified professionals, all of whom have a minimum of two years training in Early Childhood, and hold, or are studying for a childcare degree or certificate. Our supportive and skilled staff will work alongside your child to ensure he or she achieves his or her maximum potential. To assure that our programs uphold the highest standards, our team of professionals are involved in continuous training that consists of:

  • Ongoing staff development through NYS Early Childhood Education training programs and conferences.
  • Individual monthly staff supervision sessions with Lead teachers and assistants.
  • Regular staff team training meetings.
  • Monthly collaborative lesson planning sessions.

Our Programs

We have nature experts, music and movement instructors, yoga instructors, and storytellers as an enrichment to our curriculum.

Learning Garden Day Care Center - Yorktown Heights NYInfant Program: First Stage
(2 months – 12 months)

The Learning Garden’s program provides a soothing , yet stimulating approach towards development with an emphasis on motor development. Our nurturing setting promotes a sense of security and trust for both the parents and infants. Daily communication with parents is an essential part of maintaining the highest level of collaborative care for our infants. Experienced and degreed teachers are sensitive, and attentive to the needs of each child, and will maintain a personal care plan that reflects your child’s unique characteristics and your own beliefs. Our ratio for this group is 1:4.

Infant Program: Second Stage
(12 months – 18 months)

This room responds to the sensory awareness of your child. Your child will be gently guided to explore his or her environment and increase their sensory experiences through art, motor development, music, movement, and language development. Our ratio for this group is 1:4.
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Learning Garden Day Care Center - Yorktown Heights NYYoung Toddler Program
(18 months – 24 months)

The young toddler program is developed with a tender approach to gently transition your infant into the next developmental stage. This energetic program will allow your young toddler to engage in further exploration of his or her environment through play, art, music, songs, and social interaction suited for their maturing development. Our ratio for this group is 1:5.
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Toddler Program
(24 to 36 months)

Learning Garden Day Care Center - Yorktown Heights NY The Learning Garden’s  toddler program focuses on the concept of a Developmentally Appropriate curriculum by offering an environment rich with content, materials, activities, and methods that are  matched with your child’s development and emerging abilities. Your child’s individual pattern of growth, personality, and learning style will be reflected in a teacher-child interaction curriculum that is responsive to your young learner‘s needs. The curriculum will follow a Thematic and Creative Approach to learning. Each theme will represent academic enriched concepts that will challenge your child’s continued growth and expansion of interests. The classroom is carefully arranged to promote children’s engagement in social interaction. The ratio for this group is 1:5.
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Full Day Pre-School Program
(Three and Four years old)

Learning Garden Day Care Center - Yorktown Heights NYThe Learning Garden’s  Pre-school program will offer Smart Board technology and certified teachers that will support strategies, and activities within an open frame work of educational ideas and practices necessary for building effective Kindergarten Readiness skills. Your child will become an active learner by engaging in manipulation, choice, and language with the support of peers and adults.

The daily schedule will allow time for children to attend computer lab, library, play board games, or engage in music and movement, creative play, art, music, and yoga. The teachers will work in small groups and encourage self-awareness, sense of identity, ability to act independently, and the ability to exert self control. Your child will learn socialization, and conflict resolution skills that will empower them with an “I-can-do-it-myself” sense of accomplishment. At The Learning Garden Day Care Center we believe this sense of accomplishment is an essential element for building self-esteem, identity, and self-awareness. The ratio for this group is 1:7 for three year olds, and 1:8 for four year olds.
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The Young Explorers Program

Young Explorers will be learning by discovering the world around them. The Young Explorers Program has been designed as a hands-on program for children to develop self-esteem, coordination, strong minds and bodies, and socialization skills. Throughout the program we will foster cultural diversification and acceptance of others.

The program will consist of musical and creative movement, creative storytelling, as well as, nature and science exploration. We will challenge the children’s physical abilities and coordination with tumbling, climbing, obstacle courses, and core strengthening skills. We will challenge their imagination by exposing them to puppets, books, flannel board stories, collaborative storytelling, and dramatic play. Your Young Explorer will discover creative music, movement, and expression, while dancing to a variety of genres and instruments.

Nature and science will bring your Young Explorer outdoors under our tepee for socialization. While outside, they can paint on easels, observe the movement of trees, plants, leaves, insects, birds, rocks, and other natural surroundings.

  • This program is designed for children ages 2 1/2 to 3 years old to thrive in a small environment consisting of 8-10 children.
  • This is a drop off program.
  • Children need to be potty trained or in pull ups.
  • Parents provide one healthy snack
  • Two sessions to choose from: 9:30 a.m. to 11:30. a.m. or 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  • You can choose three day or five day attendance.

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Learning Garden Day Care Center - Yorktown Heights NYBefore and After School Program
(School age children 5 – 12 years of age)

The Learning Garden’s structured and supervised before and after school program will allow time for your child to unwind and have a snack when he or she arrives. The flexibility of this program permits time for doing homework assisted by a teacher, computer lab, library, exercise, reading, arts and crafts, and board games. We will also offer an array of after school workshops for a separate fee. Choose from scrapbooking, health & fitness, dance, science experiments, cooking and more. The ratio for this group is 1:10.
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An essential component to your child’s well-balanced day includes a light breakfast, a nutritious lunch, and a rest period.  We are a peanut free environment and our menus are approved by the NYS Department of Health.